About Via Anderson

Via Anderson is a Yoga and Movement Coach, Founder of Intelligent Movement Forever and the creator of MoveEasy101, a 90-day online course that teaches the IMF system of healthy movement. She practices what she teaches her clients and students and together they get younger every day. She is 76 years young.

Via uses her Intelligent Movement Forever system of healthy movement to manage, contain, and overcome her own chronic lower back pain that resulted in spinal surgery and fusion of L5-S1, a left shoulder injury from years of computer use and long-distance cycling, and heart issues that resulted in the installation of a pacemaker in 2016. She is able to move easily and without pain using the IMF system and she loves to share her secrets with her students and clients.

Via married John Anderson in 2014 and they spend 6 months in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX and 6 months in Newberg, OR, USA. Her globetrotting lifestyle led her to create an online course so she could help people around the globe move better and move without pain.

Intelligent Movement Forever


Newberg, OR USA

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco MX



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Via rides pillion (passenger) on the back of John’s Can-Am Spyder and, in 2014, they rode 9,000 miles across the U.S., from Oregon to the Carolinas and back. On that trip, Via realized that she was moving (on the Spyder) but also not moving (sedentary) and she developed a series of shoulder and hip moves for herself (and her students) which allowed her to heal an old shoulder injury while riding the Spyder. She also developed a wearable Lumbar Stability Ball (shown here) to provide lumbar stability while seated and now makes the LSB available on the IMF online store.

Via has two beautiful grown daughters and two beautiful granddaughters. In May 2017, she and her daughter, Leslie, and Leslie’s husband, Scott, walked 6 days on the Portuguese Camino from Tui to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Coming home with memories that will last a lifetime.